Process Audit Part 3

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VDA-QMC Band 6
Quality Management in the Automotive Industry

Process Audit Part 3
Product Development Process / Serial Production / Service Develppment Process / Providing the Service
2nd completely revised edition, June 2010

The established Audit Standard VDA 6.3 / 1998 has been completely revised. The objective was to re-organize the process audit, making it more precise and adapting it to changing requirements in the automotive industry.

Part A of the 1998 issue has been fully revised and expanded to include further process elements such as potential analysis and project management. The contents of Part B of the of 1998 issue have been made more precise and expanded with the aim of achieving maximum repeat recognition.

The rules for determining classification levels have been extended, questions with particular product and process risks are identified and the classification levels have been reduced to A, B and C.

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